How to keep the pool clean

All off love to have a good swim on a bright and sunny day but to have a good swim one needs to maintain the swimming pool and keep it clean. Keeping a swimming pool can become a very tedious task if not done in the proper manner and follow the steps correctly here are a few steps to help you maintain a clean and an amazing pool so that you can have a great swim when you need to have one.

Testing the water

This is the first and most important step one has to do to keep your pools in the right chemical composition. The Test of the chemical composition can be done through various way one of the well-known ones is the collecting the pool water sample in a tester and with the texture of the color dropped in get to know the chemical composition of the pool. Another step is the usage of the test strips and based on the color hue show on the strip. With these methods test the pool water and then based on the result follow with the next steps .

Test the Water


There are different types of chlorine , but to clear the pool use the pool clear chlorine as it keeps the pH level in the water at the rang of 6.5 to 7.5 always keep in this range lesser than this is bad for the pool and more than the given amount is bad for the people who are swimming in the pool. Chlorine is used in order to stop the pathogenic bacteria in the swimming pool, and that enters during the rain and while people enter the pool and exit the pool .


This is a solution used to rid the pool of all the algae growth that is taking place in the pool, The algae growth in the pool cannot be seen, but you feel the algae growth on the walls, and on the pool floor it will have an oily and a very slippery surface, thus by adding this solution to the pool water it will cut out the growth of the algae in the water.


Skim, brush and sweep.

Even after doing all the above steps it is still very essential to clear the pool of all the dust and the dirt in it, thus it is essential to complete the process of cleaning the pool by skimming the pool with a net and removing it of all the dust floating on the pool or in the pool

After completing the process of skimming the pool has to be brushed clean of all the dirt in the pool; thus a good bristle brush should be enough to clear the pool of all the dirt in it.

After brushing the pool sweep the pool of all the dirt in it with a pool vacuum cleaner, now the pool is as good as new and ready to have fun in .