Four tricks to keep your pool clean

Pool can be enjoyed only if it is clean and neat and it is understandable that not everyone can afford to spend the amount of time that it take to clean a pool and maintain it on a regular basis here are a few techniques that can be helpful to anyone who wants to have a clean and a clear swimming pool even the less time constraint.

Baking soda the balancer.

Stores that sell a pool cleaner often sell ‘alkalinity increaser ‘ this is used basically to balance the pH level in the pool. The same objective can be achieved by using a much more cheaper method, thus instead of buying an alkalinity increaser buying a baking soda archives the same purpose , it might sound so very irrelevant yet is true as the chemical composition is the same for both the chemicals thus using the baking soda will balance the pH levels on the swimming pools .

Baking Soda

Tennis ball the oil remover

To have a good sun bath we use the sun tan or the sun block lotion and have a good sun bath, and after we see others having a good time in the pool then without thinking twice we take a jump into the pool without getting rid of all the oil content on the skin, thus all the oil on your skin gets into the pool and thus the pool gets contaminated with the oil on your skin instead of using and costly chemical to cleanse the pool or to use a pump and filter all the oil content out of it, the best way to clear out all the oil content in the pool is as simple as putting a tennis ball and letting it float around the pool always thus all the oil content gets sucked out of the pool by the ball.

Clean out the tile line.

It may be very difficult to clean the pool at the end of the week at a time when we want to enjoy our time in the pool, here is an easy method to keep the pool clean by cleaning the tile lines around the pool thus no dirt around the pool will get into the pool thus by doing this no dirt will get into the pool.


Keep out the dogs.

Dogs get very excited when they see their owners enjoying themselves in the pool thus they would also love to be a part of the family fun thus they immediately take leap into the pool and have fun , but there is a very huge problem in this fun the chlorine content in the pool is very harmful to the canine  skin and the hair and also a lot of hair in the pool makes it very difficult for you to clean the pool , but you don’t mind that and you want to have your canine with you then make sure that the chlorine content in the pool is very less thus you can have fun uncurbed with your canine pet. Visit our friends at Danbury Invisible Dog Fences if you’d like help keeping your dogs out of the pool.